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[Commonwealth of Kentucky]
New License Plate Revealed
Posted: 30-Dec-2002 4:26AM CST

The design of Kentucky's new license plate has been revealed. The new plates will begin being distributed in January. By state law, Kentucky releases new license plates every five years.

More information: KYTC Press Release [Outside Link], Governor Unveils New Kentucky License Plate [Outside Link]

[New Kentucky License Plate]

Additional information here: Gov. Patton Defends New License Plates

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Comment posted by Unknown on 4-Aug-2003 11:00PM CDT
I think the new plate would have been ok if they hadn't put the smiling face on it, I don't really care for that part of it. The colors are nice though, but lets face it we're no friendlier in Ky. than anybody else.
Comment posted by BHL Louisville, KY on 21-Apr-2004 11:38PM CDT
I have lived in three states and my husband has lived in four. We both agree that this is a horrible license plate. Half of the cars I see that have it have defaced it in some way. Why doesn't our government make a plate that celebrates something good that we are known for: horses, bluegrass, louisville slugger. Come on--get creative!!
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