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This page contains news and information about roads and highways in Trimble County, Kentucky.

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Trimble County News Items

[US 421]
Kentucky, indiana Apply for Federal Stimulus Funding for Big Four and Madison-Milton Bridge Projects
Posted: 30-Sep-2009 6:48PM CDT

Both Kentucky and Indiana have applied for federal money to apply to two Ohio River bridge projects: the replacement of the US 421 bridge over the Ohio River between Milton, Kentucky and Madion, Indiana and the redecking of the Big Four Bridge over the Ohio River in downtown Louisville: Louisville Courier-Journal: $25 million in stimulus money sought for Big Four Bridge (Sept. 24, 2009) [Outside Link]

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[US 421]
US 421 Ohio River Bridge Found to be in Poor Condition
Posted: 15-Sep-2009 10:56PM CDT

Inspectors have found the US 421 bridge over the Ohio River between Milton, Kentucky and Madison, Indiana to be in as bad or worse condition than it was before last being rehabilitated in 1997. Repairs to the bridge could force an 18 month closure of the span: Associated Press: 80-year-old Ohio River bridge found in poor shape (Sept. 14, 2009) [Outside Link], Louisville Courier-Journal: Bridge across Ohio River in poor shape (Sept. 14, 2009) [Outside Link]

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[US 421]
Kentucky, Indiana to Apply for Federal Stimulus Funding to Replace Madison-Milton Bridge
Posted: 20-Aug-2009 7:37AM CDT

Kentucky and Indiana will apply for federal money to replace the narrow bridge carrying US 421 over the Ohio River between Madison, Indiana and Milton, Kentucky. If approved, the plan is demolish the current bridge and build a similar looking, wider bridge in its place using the existing piers. Weight restrictions were placed on the existing bridge earlier this year due to what was described as advanced deterioration.

More information: Louisville Courier-Journal: Ky., Ind. to seek stimulus money to replace U.S. 421 bridge (Aug. 14, 2009) [Outside Link], Louisville Courier-Journal: States to seek stimulus grant for replacement Madison-Milton bridge (Aug. 14, 2009) [Outside Link]

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[US 421]
Milton-Madison Ohio River Bridge Off Limits to Trucks after Inspection
Posted: 31-Mar-2009 9:06PM CDT

The US 421 bridge over the Ohio River at Milton in Trimble County has been placed off limits to trucks weighing more than 15 tons after a December inspection found "advanced deterioration on various components of the bridge."

More information: Associated Press: Bridge inspection leads to weight restriction (March 31, 2009 [Outside Link], Louisville Courier-Journal: 15-ton limit set on U.S. 421 bridge over Ohio River (April 1, 2009) [Outside Link]

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[The Ohio River]
Indiana House Committee Approves Commission to Coordinate Bridge Efforts
Posted: 31-Jan-2009 10:57AM CST

A committee in the Indiana House of Representatives has approved a bill that would create a commission coordinate activities related to the construction of two new Interstate bridges over the Ohio River near Louisville and a new bridge to replace the US 421 bridge over the Ohio River between Milton, KY and Madison, IN.

More information: Associated Press: Commission proposed to focus on Ohio River bridges (Jan. 30, 2009) [Outside Link], Louisville Courier-Journal: Indiana panel may focus on Ohio River bridges (Jan. 30, 2009) [Outside Link]

Update Feb. 12, 2008: The bill has passed in the Indiana House: Louisville Courier-Journal: Ind. House passes bridge commission bill (Feb. 12, 2009) [Outside Link]

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[US 421]
Upcoming Public Meeting: US 421 Improvements between I-71 and Bedford
Posted: 28-Oct-2004 1:54AM CDT

On Thursday, November 18, 2004 the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet will hold a public meeting to discuss improvements to US 421 from the interchange with I-71 in Henry County to Bedford in Trimble County. The meeting will be from 5:00pm to 7:00pm at Bedford Elementary School.

More information: Kentucky Transportation Cabinet: To Discuss A Study for the Improvement of US 421 From I-71 To Bedford [Outside Link]

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[Commonwealth of Kentucky]
New Chief Engineer Appointed to Louisville Highway District
Posted: 23-Jun-2004 7:56AM CDT

Gov. Fletcher and Transportation Secretary Bailey have appointed Barry Sanders to serve as chief district engineer for the Transportation Cabinet’s District 5 which is based in Louisville.

More information: KYTC: Governor Ernie Fletcher and Transportation Secretary Clay Bailey Appoint Chief District Engineer for Highway District 5 in Louisville (June 1, 2004) [Outside Link], Business First: State Names Head of Louisville-area Transportation Operation (June 1, 2004) [Outside Link]

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Northern Kentucky Outer Loop (I-74) Conceptual Feasibility Final Draft Released
Posted: 25-Jul-2003 7:29AM CDT

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet has released the final report for the conceptual feasibility study for the Northern Kentucky Outer Loop, and the finding is that such an outer loop is not feasible.

The proposed route would connect with I-74 in Indiana, pass into Kentucky at the Markland Dam in Gallatin County, travel east-west across Kentucky, cross the Ohio River into Ohio at the William H. Harsha bridge near Maysville, and connect with a proposed extension of I-74 in Ohio. A two-year long study of this route found that the entire route would not be financially feasible in Kentucky; however, the study found that several segments of the route would have an independent of utility. The study divided the route into six sections and assigned them the following priorities:

  1. US 127 to I-75 - 15.1 miles (Owen and Grant Counties)
  2. I-71 to US 127 - 6.8 miles (Gallatin/Carroll and Owen Counties)
  3. I-75 to US 27 - 17.6 miles (Grant and Pendleton Counties)
  4. US 27 to KY 9 - 29 miles (Pendleton, Bracken, and Mason Counties)
  5. Indiana to I-71 - 7 miles (Carroll/Gallatin Counties)
  6. KY 9 to Ohio - 2.9 miles (Mason County)

The study found that construction of a proposed highway (Indiana State Road 101) from I-74 in Indiana to the Markland Dam would improve the usability of the Indiana to I-71 segment of the Outer Loop.

The release of the report does not guarantee that anything will be built. Construction is dependent on future funding.

More information: Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Division of Planning: Proposed Interstate 74 [Outside Link]

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