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Information on KentuckyRoads.com is organized into topics. The topics are divided into categories. There are categories for each type of road in the state, one for major road projects, one for counties, and one for miscellaneous topics. For a list of topics grouped by category see the topic list. This list of topics can be reached from any page on the site by clicking News Topics on the navigation bar.

New Items

Summaries of recent newsworthy events related to roads and other announcements about the site are posted as news items. Each news item is assigned a list of topics and the item will be listed on the page for that topic; additionally, recently added news items are listed on the home page. To find older news items, go to one of the topics associated with the news item or find it via the list of older news items. In this list, news items are grouped by the month they were posted. This list can be reached from any page on the site by clicking Older News on the navigation bar.

News items also have associated comments. Comments are posted to news items and not to topics as a whole. KentuckyRoads.com reserves the right to remove any comment deemed inappropriate.

Photographs and Images

Photographs on the site are grouped in two ways. Each photograph is assigned to exactly one gallery. The list of galleries can be reached at any time by clicking Image Galleries on the navigation bar. In addition, to be assigned to a gallery, photographs are also assigned to a list of topics. A single image may be assigned to multiple topics. The list of images related to a particular topic can be found by following the “related images” link on the topic’s page.

Outside Links

KentuckyRoads.com provides numerous links to Kentucky highway resources that are located outside of the KentuckyRoads.com. These links are marked with the [Outside Link] symbol.

If you have JavaScript enable in your web browser, you can control how these links are opened using a check box labeled “Open [Outside Link] links in a new window” near the bottom of every page. When this box is checked, outside links will be opened in a different window than KentuckyRoads.com. By default, all outside links are opened in the same window as KentuckyRoads.com.

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