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2009 Regular Session

News and information relating to transportation bills considered during the 2009 regular session of the Kentucky General Assembly.

2009 Regular Session News Items

[The Ohio River]
Ohio River Bridges Project Funding Remains Uncertain
Posted: 31-Mar-2009 9:47PM CDT

The Courier-Journal recently reported that leaders from the two houses of the Kentucky legislature were divided on bills concerning funding the project to build two new bridges over the Ohio River at Louisville; additionally, federal transportation officials say that adding tolls to the bridge will cause an 18 month delay due to plans needing to be reviewed: Louisvlle Courier-Journal: Fate of bridges' funding bill is uncertain; tolls a hitch (March 26, 2009) [Outside Link]

Update (April 1, 2009): Louisville Courier-Journal: Kentucky inaction stalls Indiana bill on bridge projects; Oversight panels in states at issue (April 1, 2009) [Outside Link]

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[Commonwealth of Kentucky]
Legislature May Block Gas Tax Drop
Posted: 19-Feb-2009 10:40PM CST

A 1980 law ties a portion of Kentucky's gasoline tax to the average wholesale price of gasoline in the state. That price has dropped in recent months, and the gasoline tax is scheduled to drop 4 cents/gallon on April 1st; however, the state legislature is considering amending the law to prevent this drop. It is estimated that tax decrease would result in $120 million decline in gasoline tax revenue.

More information: Lexington Herald-Leader: Gas tax cut looks unlikely (Feb. 19, 2009) [Outside Link], Louisville Courier-Journal: Lawmakers may block drop in gas tax (Feb. 19, 2009) [Outside Link]

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