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This page contains News and information about Kentucky State Road KY 69.

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KY 69 News Items

[KY 69]
Hawesville Bridge Connector Route Proposed
Posted: 5-Dec-2004 8:10PM CST

A recent planning study by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet recommends that a new route be constructed to the Bob Cummings Lincoln Trail Bridge in Hawesville: Owensboro Messenger-Inquirer: Easier access to bridge is sought (Nov. 24, 2004) [Outside Link]

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[New Route]
Recent Planning Studies
Posted: 17-Nov-2004 2:10AM CST

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Division of Planning has recently released the Final Report of the Pre-Design Scoping study for improvements to the Kentucky 69 approach to the Bob Cummings Bridge in Hawesville: more information [Outside Link]

Additionally, materials involving a study of a proposed route between US 68 and Tollesboro in Fleming, Mason, and Lewis County: more information [Outside Link]

Information regarding alternatives for a new connector route between Harlan and Hazard has also been posted: more information [Outside Link]

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[Commonwealth of Kentucky]
Blues to Bluegrass Scenic Byway
Posted: 6-Jan-2004 6:49AM CST

The Kentucky Transportation and Tourism Interagency Committee recently approved a scenic byway through Daviess, Hancock, Ohio, Muhlenberg, McLean, Webster, Union and Henderson counties that will highlight the region.s music heritage.

More information: Owensboro Messenger-Inquirer: Scenic byway will feature musical legends (Dec. 12, 2003) [Outside Link]

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[KY 69]
State Considers Changes to Hawesville Bridge Approach
Posted: 6-Jan-2004 6:49AM CST

Transportation officials held a meeting in December to consider changing the approach to the Bob Cummings-Lincoln Trail Bridge in Hawesville. Any changes are not scheduled for construction in the current Six Year Plan; however, locals hope a lobbying campaign will move the project higher up the state.s list of priorities.

More information: Owensboro Messenger-Inquirer: State mulls changes in Hawesville bridge approach (Dec. 12, 2003) [Outside Link], KYTC Division of Planning: KY-69 approach to Cannelton Bridge [Outside Link], Owensboro Messenger-Inquirer: Road proposal draws residents' concerns (Dec. 19, 2003) [Outside Link]

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[William H. Natcher Bridge]
Natcher Bridge Traffic Lower Than Expected
Posted: 6-Jan-2004 6:48AM CST

The four-lane Natcher Bridge currently serves only 4,500 vehicles per day while the two-lane Grover Carey Bridge in Owensboro serves 10,000 vehicles per day and the two-lane Bob Cummings-Lincoln Trail Bridge at Hawesville serves 8,900 vehicles per day; however, transportation officials expect traffic on the bridge to increase once an extension of the Owensboro bypass is completed and US 231 is widened to four lanes in Indiana.

More information: Owensboro Messenger-Inquirer: Traffic count expected to rise (Dec. 7, 2003) [Outside Link], Owensboro Messenger-Inquirer: U.S. 231 widening moving forward (Dec. 14, 2003) [Outside Link]

Jan. 15, 2004 Update: Courier-Journal: New bridge has less traffic than projected (Jan. 13, 2004) [Outside Link]

Jan. 20, 2004 Update: The (Henderson) Gleaner: Study: Natcher Bridge traffic light (Jan. 13, 2004) [Outside Link]

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