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KY 2022 Bridge Reopens
Posted: 11-Dec-2004 12:18AM CST
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A Perry County bridge that was found to be damaged has been repaired and reopened to regular traffic.

From District 10 Press Release:

CONTACT: H.B. ELKINS, INFORMATION OFFICER, DISTRICT 10, (606) 666-8841, hb.elkins@ky.gov
KY 2022 Bridge at Buckhorn Reopens to Normal Traffic
JACKSON, KY - (Dec. 10, 2004) -- Following emergency repairs, weight and width restrictions have been lifted from the bridge crossing Schoolhouse Branch of Squabble Creek on KY 2022 near Buckhorn. The bridge is now open to normal traffic.
After the discovery of damage to the structure last week, one lane of the bridge was closed and vehicles crossing the bridge were limited to three tons in weight and seven feet in width.
The damaged portion of the bridge, including the deck and support beams, has been replaced. Next week, the Department of Highways plans to reinforce the undamaged portion to ensure that it will safely handle the normal volume of traffic for the area. That project should be completed within a few days.
Traffic will be maintained during the ongoing repair process, but motorists in the area may encounter some short delays.
"We appreciate the patience of motorists in the Squabble Creek and Buckhorn areas during this project," said Samuel H. Beverage, chief district engineer. "We are glad that we were able to get this bridge open to normal traffic in such a short time, especially with the rainy weather we experienced this week. That is a credit to our fine workforce. When we finish the reinforcement on the undamaged side, we believe this bridge will adequately serve the residents of the area. We realize this highway's importance, especially since it is the only direct route to the Saul community, and are dedicated to ensuring that it remains passable and safe."
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