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[Commonwealth of Kentucky]
New Subdivision Depends on the Reconstruction of KY 237
Posted: 7-Feb-2005 2:04AM CST
Topics: [Boone County] [KY 237]

The Boone County Planning Commission zone change committee recently recommended the approval of a zone change that would allow a developer to construct a 112-home subdivision; however, the committee added a change to the proposal that prohibits the developer from constructing a single home until the state reconstructs KY 237. That reconstruction is in the planning stages now, and construction on the project is planned to begin in 2008 at the earliest.

Area residents protested the zoning change fearing that the new subdivision would more traffic to the already congested KY 237. One area resident, Matt Anderson, established a website against the zoning change at www.237safety.com [Outside Link].

More information: (Covington) Kentucky Post: Rezoning hinges on highway project (Jan. 20, 2005) [Outside Link] , (Covington) Kentucky Post: Subdivision decision postponed (Feb. 1, 2005) [Outside Link]

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