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[The Ohio River]
Louisville-Southern Indiana Bridge Project
Posted: 31-Jul-2002 7:16AM CDT

Gov. Paul Patton of Kentucky and Gov. Frank O'Bannon of Indiana announced the preferred routes for a plan to build two new bridges across the Ohio River at Louisville and reconstruct "Spaghetti Junction" in downtown Louisville. The plan must now be approved by the Federal Highway Administration.

The downtown project would reconstruct the intersection of I-64, I-65, and I-71 and move it slightly southward. A new bridge would be constructed just to the east of the existing Kennedy Bridge. The new bridge would carry six-lanes of northbound traffic, and the existing bridge would be reconfigured to carry six-lanes of southbound traffic. The preferred route is known as C-1 in the bridge report.

The second bridge project is east of downtown. The preferred route, known as A-15, is a combination bridge and tunnel designed to avoid neighborhoods and historic structures. It would connect the Gene Snyder Freeway in Kentucky to IN-265 in Indiana. This is the "missing link" in the connection of Indiana's I-265 to Kentucky's I-265.

The project is expected to take 10 years and cost $1.4 billion to complete. Right of way acquisition could begin in two years.

More information: Courier-Journal: States choose bridge routes (July 26, 2002) [Outside Link], Louisville-Southern Indiana Ohio River Bridges Project [Outside Link]

The Courier-Journal has a special section with articles about the bridges, maps, and videos [Outside Link].

New developments in Indiana's Utica Township cause the count of houses in the path of the bridge to mushroom from 5 to over 75: more developments are planned for coming years. The new housing developments will increase the cost of the bridge project. More information: Courier-Journal: Indiana developments in path boost project cost (July 28, 2002) [Outside Link]

Other bridge information: Courier-Journal: Eminent domain can be hard to contest (July 28, 2002) [Outside Link]

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