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Route Chosen for South Russellville Bypass
Posted: 16-May-2005 12:01AM CDT

A route has been chosen for the proposed southern bypass of Russellville. The chosen route was the longest of three alternatives considered and will connect at the existing northern bypass at both ends. Right-of-way purchase for the eastern leg of the bypass (between US 68/KY 80 and KY 100) is expected to begin this year.

More information: Bowling Green Daily News: Logan selects route for bypass (May 3, 2005) [Outside Link], Logan County News-Democrat & Leader: Commissioner says Southern Bypass coming (May 3, 2005) [Outside Link]

Kentucky Transportation Cabinet District 3 press release:

Russellville, KY (April 29, 2005) - Commissioner of Highways Marc Williams was in Logan County on Tuesday, April 26 and provided an update on several Logan County projects. One of those projects was the Russellville Southern Bypass. "Based on the information the Department of Highways, District #3 has received from the public as well as the technical information collected, the project team is recommending Alternative C. Of the three alternatives being considered, this one is the farthest from town." said Williams. Williams continued, "This selection will allow us to move forward with the connector from US 68/KY 80 to KY 100 on the East side of town. We expect to move into Phase II design on both of these projects very soon." Williams was speaking to the Logan County Republican Woman's Club.
As part of the revenue initiatives passed by the General Assembly and signed by Governor Fletcher, Logan County will be receiving over $600,000 in additional money for county road improvements while Russellville will receive over $100,000 for work to be done in the city. Other projects that were mentioned in addition to the Southern Bypass included:
  • Davenport Hill (KY 79) - LED (light emitting diode) flashing "Winding Road" signs have been installed on each end of this section of roadway. This section has also been earmarked with $150,000 for the initial phases of design on this approximately $2.5 to $3 million dollar project.
  • Cooperstown Road (KY 3201) - Funding has been received and guardrail installed from 200 feet south of Mudd River Bridge at mile point 0.369 to 100 feet north of Mudd River Bridge at mile point 0.440.
  • Bridge and Curve widening on US 79 south of Russellville: This is the project necessary to make US 79 South of Russellville eligible for the National Truck Network. The project is moving forward with a summer or early fall letting.
  • Crosswalks were installed on US 79 (Ninth Street): Traffic crews have recently installed three thermoplastic crosswalks and signs on this street to better aide pedestrians crossing this busy street.

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