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Lovers Lane Widening Project in Bowling Green is Complete
Posted: 18-Aug-2009 12:07AM CDT
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From Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Department of Highways District 3 on August 4, 2009:

Lovers Lane reconstruction complete
One-time country lane now major artery for Bowling Green
BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – When originally built more than 60 years ago, Lovers Lane was exactly that – a single, gravel lane just barely wide enough for one vehicle. It served as a farm-to-market road for families in the surrounding countryside.
“Families along the lane took care of each other,” said Betty Lou Smith, whose family has lived on Lovers Lane since the 1950s. “If someone was sick or needed help with something on the farm, you could count on your neighbors. The lane connected us all and brought us together in times of need.”
Lovers Lane is still connecting people, though time inevitably brings change. Today, the onetime country lane is a modern, five-lane highway, thanks to a major reconstruction that was celebrated today.
“Lovers Lane may only be about 3 miles in length but it represents a vital link in the transportation system for Warren County,” said U.S. Rep. Brett Guthrie, speaking at a dedication event.
“Historically, quickly and safely expediting your goods and services meant money made and money saved. Today, the ‘just in time’ process used throughout many industries depends on the efficient movement of materials to maintain productivity. As our economy has grown so has our transportation infrastructure that supports it,” Guthrie said.
Warren County Judge-Executive Mike Buchanon said the widening of Lovers Lane will decrease response time for emergency responders, ultimately resulting in lives saved. “This completes the improvements we need in order to have a viable urban loop connecting the neighborhoods of Bowling Green,” Buchanon said.
State Sen. Mike Reynolds said improved mobility and reduced congestion will shorten travel times for everyone. “That is just as important to parents trying to get from home to soccer practice as it is to commerce,” Reynolds said.
Other important aspects of the route include the addition of sidewalks and a shared use path along the route.
“The Lovers Lane improvements not only offer improved connection to motorists but also for pedestrians and bicyclists,” said State Rep. Jody Richards. “In addition to the sidewalks, the new shared use path from the soccer complex to Cemetery Road is a fantastic addition to the ongoing greenways system we have here in Bowling Green and Warren County. This type of intermodal connection promotes exercise and recreation for our citizens and provides additional opportunities for a healthy lifestyle and for savings in fuel consumption.”
Not only has the function of the road been improved but also its form.
Bowling Green Mayor Elaine Walker said putting utilities underground from Scottsville Road to near Searcy Way creates a more aesthetically pleasing route.
“Burying the utilities for part of this project serves an example of what a community can do if they work toward the same goal,” Walker said. “The local businesses along Lovers Lane partnered with the Transportation Cabinet and Bowling Green Municipal Utilities as a team to make this opportunity a reality.”
State Rep. Jim DeCesare said the improvements to Lovers Lane will mean greater safety and efficiency. “The widening to five lanes improves mobility and reduces congestion, therefore reducing the number of conflicts among motorists which can lead to crashes,” DeCesare said.
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