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I-66 Somerset to London Segment Cleared for Accelerated Environmental Review
Posted: 18-Jul-2003 6:30AM CDT

The Somerset-London segment of I-66 will receive an accelerated environment review from the United States Department of Transportation. This step moves the project years closer to construction.

The London Sentinel-Echo reported that this move angered I-66 protest groups.

More information: Herald-Leader: ENVIRONMENTAL REVIEW OF I-66 ROUTE ACCELERATED (Mar. 1, 2003) [Outside Link]. Courier-Journal: Planned I-66 section to get expedited review (Mar. 1, 2003) [Outside Link], London Sentinel-Echo [Outside Link]

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Comment posted by Danny Lewis on 19-Jul-2003 9:56AM CDT
"The planned stretch of Interstate 66 to be built between I-75 and I-80 in Southeast Kentucky will receive an accelerated environmental review by the U.S." I-80 goes through Kentucky!? ;)
Comment posted by Jeff Carlyle on 19-Jul-2003 1:25PM CDT
I noticed that too. Poor fact checking by the Herald-Leader...
Updated: 19-Jul-2003 1:25PM CDT

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