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Blue Grass Parkway to be Renamed for Martha Layne Collins
Posted: 17-Sep-2003 9:40AM CDT

At Gov. Patton's direction, the Blue Grass Parkway will be officially renamed the Martha Layne Collins Blue Grass Parkway in a ceremony to be held on Thursday. Martha Layne Collins was Kentucky's first (and currently only) woman governor. She was governor from 1983 to 1987. This leaves only the Audubon Parkway to have its original name.

More information: Associated Press: Blue Grass Parkway to be renamed in honor of Collins (Sept. 16, 2003) [Outside Link]

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Comment posted by Bill Mullins on 16-Oct-2003 11:49AM CDT
I think that we are losing our heritage when we keep renaming our parkways. Most people out of state and for that matter out of our country have never heard of Hal Rogers or Martha Layne Collins, but just mention Daniel Boone or Blue Grass and that rings a bell all over the world. If we want tourist to visit this region, we have to be more imaginative. Thanks, Bill Mullins

Comment posted by Jeff Carlyle on 16-Oct-2003 12:04PM CDT
And on top of that, Martha Layne Collins didn't even do anything involving the Blue Grass Parkway.
Updated: 16-Oct-2003 12:04PM CDT

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