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Options Unveiled for Heartland Parkway
Posted: 18-Mar-2004 8:43AM CST

Transportation officials have revealed three options for a proposed route between Columbia and Springfield. The proposed route has been called the Heartland Parkway and would pass through Adair, Taylor, Marion and Washington Counties.

One option would see the construction of the an interstate-type highway between the Louie B. Nunn Cumberland Parkway and the Blue Grass Parkway.

A second option would widen a route along KY 55, US 68, and KY 555 to four lanes.

A third option would simply add one mile of passing lanes to every three miles of road along KY 55, US 68, and KY 555 between the two parkways.

Current highway plans include no funding for the project other than this initial study.

More information: Central Kentucky News-Journal: Heartland Parkway -- Three options unveiled for 60-mile road (March 14, 2004) [Outside Link]

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Comment posted by Danny Lewis on 20-Mar-2004 9:38AM CST
I think they should go ahead and just connect the parkway to I64... the BG parkway and i64 aren't too far apart.
Updated: 20-Mar-2004 9:38AM CST

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