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November 2002

The items listed below are KentuckyRoads.com news items from November 2002. For the most recent updates see the KentuckyRoads.com home page.

[KY 80]
New KY 80 Aurora to Mayfield Route Expected to be Complete in Two Years
Posted: 4-Nov-2002 2:14AM CST

A new four lane route for KY 80 has recently opened between US 68 at Aurora and US 641 at Murray has recently been completed. The Murray to Mayfield section is expected to be open by Spring 2004.

More information: WPSD: Highway 80 Could be Complete in Two Years (Nov. 1, 2002) [Outside Link]

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[US 60]
State Recommends Route for US 60 By-pass Extension in Owensboro
Posted: 4-Nov-2002 2:07AM CST

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet has recommended a route for an eastern extension of the Wendell H. Ford Expressway US 60 By-pass in Owensboro. The 4.5-mile recommended route begins north of Kentucky 54 on the current US 60 By-pass and connects to US 60/US 231 east of KY 144. The extension is intended to relieve congestion along US 60/US 231 east of Owensboro. Traffic on the current route is expected to increase now that US 231 has been rerouted as part of the approach to the Natcher Bridge.

More information: Messenger-Inquirer: State makes recommendation for $53 million bypass extension (10/25/2002) [Outside Link]

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[William H. Natcher Bridge]
Natcher Bridge Opens
Posted: 3-Nov-2002 9:28PM CST

The William H. Natcher Bridge over the Ohio River northeast of Owensboro opened to traffic on October 21, 2002.

More information: Messenger-Inquirer: Natcher Bridge opens to traffic (Oct. 22, 2002) [Outside Link] (free registration required), Messenger-Inquirer: Natcher Bridge on track for Monday opening (Oct. 15, 2002) [Outside Link] (free registration required)

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I-65 and Cemetery Road (KY 234) Could be Complete by Thanksgiving
Posted: 3-Nov-2002 9:24PM CST

If the weather cooperates, the new interchange between I-65 and KY 234 near Bowling Green could be complete by Thanksgiving. The newly widened I-65 is now 6 lanes between the Barren River bridge just north of KY 234 and US 68 north of Bowling Green.

More information: Daily News: Project still on schedule (Oct. 31, 2002) [Outside Link]

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[New Route]
Final Report on Grayson Northeast Connector
Posted: 3-Nov-2002 9:19PM CST

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet has posted the final report concerning the construction of a new connector route northeast of Grayson in Carter County.

More information: KYTC Division of Planning [Outside Link]

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I-69 Eddyville to Henderson Information
Posted: 3-Nov-2002 9:17PM CST

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet has posted information from public meeting concerning I-69 between Eddyville and Henderson.

More information: http://www.kytc.state.ky.us/planning/pl-projects/projects/I-69/i69_9.30.02/i69_9.30.02.shtm [Outside Link]

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Upcoming I-66 Ballard, Marshall, and McCracken County Public Meetings
Posted: 3-Nov-2002 9:14PM CST

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet will be holding a public meeting to discuss the proposed Interstate 66 in western Kentucky from 5pm to 7pm at Ballard Memorial High School, 3561 Paducah Rd., La Center, KY.

More information: http://www.kytc.state.ky.us/planning/pl-projects/projects/I-66/i66_12.10.02/i66_12.10.02.shtm [Outside Link]

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[KY 595]
KY 595 (North Main Street) Opens in Berea
Posted: 3-Nov-2002 9:09PM CST

The North Main Street widening project in Berea has been completed.

More information: http://www.kytc.state.ky.us/News/595.htm [Outside Link]

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[KY 680]
KY 680: "Lovel Hall Memorial Highway"
Posted: 3-Nov-2002 9:07PM CST
Topics: [Floyd County] [KY 680]

KY 680 in Floyd County has been named in honor of Lovel Hall, longtime Floyd County PVA.

More information: http://www.kytc.state.ky.us/News/680.htm [Outside Link]

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[KY 1986]
KY 1986: "Trooper Clinton Cunningham Memorial Highway"
Posted: 3-Nov-2002 9:04PM CST

KY 1986 in Madison County has been named in honor and memory of Trooper Clinton Cunningham who was killed on April 6, 1976.

More information: http://www.kytc.state.ky.us/News/cunningham.htm [Outside Link]

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[KY 7]
New Welcome Center will Promote Elliott County’s Heritage
Posted: 3-Nov-2002 8:14PM CST
Topics: [Elliott County] [KY 7]

From http://www.kytc.state.ky.us/News/10-18-2002.htm [Outside Link]:

ELLIOTT COUNTY, Ky.-(October 18, 2002)- State Senator Walter Blevins, Jr., State Representative Rocky Adkins, and Transportation Secretary James Codell, III along with other local and state officials held a groundbreaking ceremony in Elliott County today to celebrate the beginning of construction of the new Elliott County Welcome Center. This $431,000 center will be located at the confluence of Laurel Creek and Little Sandy River, 3 miles north of Sandy Hook on old route 7 & 32 or what is locally known as Laurel Cliffs & Curves Loop (county road #557).
Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, Elliott County Fiscal Court, Elliott County Cooperative Extension Service of University of Kentucky College of Agriculture, U. S. Army Corps of Engineers, Elliott County Heritage and Tourism Council along with Appalachian Regional Commission, National Endowment for the Arts, and Steel-Reese Foundation worked together to make this project possible.
Upon completion, the Elliott County Welcome Center will be known as the Elliott County Heritage & Cultural Center. The 3400 square feet center will contain many displays and exhibits depicting Elliott County’s history. Emphasis will be placed on education, transportation, arts, crafts, land use, and life in Elliott County.
Transportation Secretary James C. Codell, III said, "More and more, the Transportation Cabinet is given the opportunity to be a part of projects like this welcome center and we’re glad to participate. We can and are preserving our historic and natural treasures as they serve to educate us about our culture and remind us of the importance and beauty of our heritage and environment. The Federal Transportation Enhancement Program allows us to do these things for Elliott County."
Womack Development of Ashland was awarded the contract, and construction of the center is expected to be complete by spring 2003.
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[US 25]
Dry Ridge to Get New Connector Route
Posted: 3-Nov-2002 8:11PM CST
Topics: [Grant County] [KY 22] [US 25]

From http://www.kytc.state.ky.us/news/dryridge.htm [Outside Link]:

COVINGTON, Ky.-- (September 16, 2002) –Transportation Secretary James Codell III along with local and state officials held a groundbreaking ceremony in Dry Ridge today to celebrate the beginning of construction of the East Dry Ridge Connector. Rifle Coal Company, in joint venture with Judy Construction Company, has been awarded the $9.5 million contract and will start construction by September 21, 2002. The project includes the construction of a new three lane connector route from US 25 south of Dry Ridge…east of the Norfolk Southern Railroad…then over the Norfolk Southern Railroad before tying into KY 22 near the I-75 Interchange. Secretary Codell said the new connector will benefit the people of Dry Ridge in three ways. "This new route will provide better access to the Dry Ridge Industrial Park…provide a safer way for motorists to cross the railroad tracks and…alleviate traffic congestion through the downtown area."
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