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Tolls to be Removed from Louie B. Nunn Cumberland Parkway and Daniel Boone Parkway
Posted: 15-Feb-2003 7:19AM CST

U.S. Congressman Harold "Hal" Rogers has secured $13 million in federal spending to eliminate tolls from the Louie B. Nunn Cumberland Parkway and the Daniel Boone Parkway. The state currently owes $26 million in bonds on the parkway system. This federal funding will eliminate half of the outstanding debt and allow the state to refinance the rest at a lower interest rate.

More information: KYTC Press Release: Rogers: Tollbooths on Daniel Boone & Cumberland Parkways are Coming Down [Outside Link], Herald-Leader: Tolls to end on 2 parkways (Feb. 15, 2003) [Outside Link], Courier-Journal: Tolls to end on Daniel Boone, Cumberland parkways (Feb. 16, 2003) [Outside Link], Daily Independent: Toll charges to be eliminated on highways (Feb. 16, 2003) [Outside Link]

Update (July 15, 2003): More information about the removal of tolls and renaming of the parkway has been posted on KentuckyRoads.com: Tolls Removed from Daniel Boone Parkway and Louie B. Nunn Cumberland Parkway; Daniel Boone Parkway Renamed Hal Rogers Parkway

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Comment posted by Glenda Scarborough on 15-Jul-2003 12:47AM CDT
I believe it is wrong to rename the Daniel Boone Parkway. What has he done to warrant his name being removed? As a descendent of Daniel's brother Squire, and a resdent of KY, I believe a public forum should have been announced to discuss the renaming of the parkway. If Mr. Hal Rogers deserves to have something named for him, something should have been chosen that does not take away the honor given to someone with more lasting contibutions to this state.
Glenda Scarborough
Comment posted by Jeff Carlyle on 15-Jul-2003 1:32AM CDT
The decision to rename the parkway has turned out to be rather controversial. I hope to be posting some items about it soon.
Comment posted by Dee Wesser on 15-Jul-2003 5:37AM CDT
Daniel Boone was my fifth great-uncle as my line comes down through his sister Mary boone and her husband William Bryan. I feel it is a sad day that the Daniel Boone Parkway is being renamed. Having lived in Missouri for many years I think KY should return the remains of the bodies that they made such a big deal out of earlier. Evidently the Daniel Boone name means nothing to the State now.
Dee Wesser

Dee Wesser
Comment posted by Theresa Harlow-Sillanpaa on 15-Jul-2003 4:21PM CDT
I believe it is wrong to even think about renaming the Daniel Boone Parkway. To the folks considering this change: have you no idea what this man did in history?
Comment posted by Ramona Armstrong on 15-Jul-2003 7:36PM CDT
I am not a descendrnt of Daniel Boon,but am apalled that they took away the honor bestowed upon one of our earliest pioners,a great man who did much and with much sacrifice to himself and his family.I say CHANGE IT BACK.

Name something else after Mr Hal Rogers ,I am sure he has done much for the eastern part of Ky ,so honoring would be fine,just don't take it from someone else.

Steamed in Louisville Ky
Comment posted by S. T. Steinmeyer on 15-Jul-2003 10:00PM CDT
I am respectfully requesting Gov. Patton and Transportation Secretary Codell reconsider dropping the name of Daniel Boone from the Parkway. Although Congressman Rogers certainly deserves recognition for his valuable services, there must be an appropriate measure to do this that does not come at the expense of honoring our nation's history.
Comment posted by Judith Edwards Fisk on 16-Jul-2003 2:09AM CDT
I was born in Liberty KY. We own property there. Why was this not voted on? I am steamed that the commonweath would do such a thing. Change it back and name something about the water for this other man. I am ashamed of you for doing this.
Comment posted by John H. Cashman on 16-Jul-2003 6:23AM CDT
Shame on all involved in renaming The Daniel Boone Parkway.
Comment posted by Dan Garnell on 16-Jul-2003 11:56PM CDT
The renaming of the Daniel Boone Parkway is truly deplorable. Aren't there tons of 4-digit KY State Routes they can re-name, instead of ALL of the parkways?
Comment posted by Benjamin A Stacy on 24-Jul-2003 1:55AM CDT
Does Eastern Kentucky, Hazard inparticular, really need something else named after Hal Rodgers or any other politician? I heard of a recent meeting in Hazard at the Hal Rodgers Center. If you fly into Hazard, don't you fly into Wendell Ford Airport? Daniel Boone is a much more important historical figure in Kentucky's history. It is an out right shame for the transportation department and the Kentucky Legislature to even consider this name change. This is very upsetting to me being a native of E. KY. And I am sure I am not alone. Has or was this issue ever put to public vote. If not, then it should have been. I no longer live in Kentucky because of all the political turmoil the state has been through in the past few months. A move like this shows me, more than ever, that Frankfort and Washington are full of men and women who would rather have their name on a road, building or bridge than preserve the historical past of the state.

Ashamed and Confused,
Benjamin A. Stacy

Comment posted by Dave Perry on 1-Aug-2003 12:22AM CDT
Driving back from Cumberland Falls last weekend I notice Hal Rogers has become bigger than Daniel Boone. I live in the Northern part of our state but most certainly know that Hal Rogers has done much for Eastern Kentucky. But I was a little shocked to see that our Kentucky heritage had taken a blow. I wish the folks in Frankfort could leave well enough alone. Since I reside in a county named after Daniel Boone I'm assuming that any day now I'll be receiving my Hal Rogers County license plate.
Comment posted by Mary Siler on 21-Aug-2003 8:09PM CDT
This makes me wonder if my grandchildren will be reading about Hal Rogers and Paul Patton in the history books instead of Daniel Boone and Davy Crockett. If the highway had just been a numbered highway, I could understand putting Hal Rogers' name on it but I don't like the fact that Daniel Boone's name has been replaced by Hal Rogers. I know Mr. Rogers has done a lot for our Kentucky and I vote for him but I don't understand this change in road names. Here in Williamsburg, we have a water park named after Rogers and in the paper this week, they have named a small street/road after him. To me this is crazy. Hal Rogers gets paid to do what he does for Kentucky and much more than the average person. He shouldn't have to be repaid with roads named after him, expecially pushing out a hero like DANIEL BOONE! Will they rename the Daniel Boone Forest after someone else soon? Mary Siler, Williamsburg, KY
Comment posted by Allen Briney on 24-Aug-2003 5:48PM CDT
I too disagree in the renaming of the Danial Boone Parkway. Next thing you know we'll have the Paul Patton Forrest and the
Mitch McConnell Park(Seneca park). It's alright to name new things after Politicians(I wish they wouldn't) But don't Change the existing
Comment posted by Nancy Burns Edwards on 28-Aug-2003 6:14PM CDT
I have written Gov. Patton on this subject. I am not a Boone relation but I am a Kentuckian and now live in Fl. My family has paid taxes for hundreds of years in Ky. and continues to do so. I was appalled and furious to think that the World Wide recognition of Daniel Boone's achievements meant more to other countries than it did to the politicians in Ky.
Our newspapers in Fl. have even given this topic prominent headlines only it leads you to believe that only the Boone family is disgruntled. NOT SO!!!
Most Kentuckians I know are upset about the changing the Parkway name.
Comment posted by D Rice on 12-Sep-2003 4:58AM CDT
Comment posted by Jim Myers on 22-Sep-2003 9:26AM CDT
I am a native Tennessean, passing through this weekend to a reunion in northeast Kentucky on what I thought was the "Daniel Boone Parkway"; who in the world is "Hal Rogers"??? Upon arriving home (Knoxville, TN) I had to get on the internet to see why in the world the name of such an Historic Legend "Daniel Boone", that is to anyone who has grown up in the United States over the last 200+ years, would drop the name of a Parkway honoring a TRUE legend to some living Politician. I was shocked to hear that the governor was responsible. Even more taken back that the congressman "Hal Rogers" didn't turn the honor down (not your normal politically correct decision to make). While at the reunion we asked native Kentuckians about the name "Hal Rogers" (who is he?, what is he? why the name change?) NO ONE KNEW!! Is the Kentucky Governor out of his mind??? If I lived in Kentucky I would start a recall of not only the Governor (who is out of touch with Kentuckians, but the United States) and the Congressman Hal Rogers who ALLOWED this to happen. Next time "float" a decision around and get the feel of your native people before making a STUPID decision. Go read the history books of your own state; a hundred years from now you will still hear of Daniel Boone and not some Congressman Hal Rogers.

Comment posted by Resident of Hazard on 6-Oct-2003 9:11PM CDT
This is a disgrace! What more can Governor Paul Patton do to embarrass this state? I have read newspaper articles from other states. They cannot believe that officials in Ky would remove the name of the most famous frontiersman in history and replace it with a politician. Why is it that the common working people seem to have more respect for our state's heritage than the officials in Frankfort? Keep Daniel Boone's name on the parkway and his name alone. We do not need Hal Rogers name attached.Our local politicians are so quiet on this issue.Why? They are all the same. Hal Rogers should ask that his name be removed.
Updated: 6-Oct-2003 9:11PM CDT

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