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February 2003

The items listed below are KentuckyRoads.com news items from February 2003. For the most recent updates see the KentuckyRoads.com home page.

Ice Storm Closes Louisville Interstates
Posted: 17-Feb-2003 7:44AM CST

An ice storm closed parts of nearly every interstate in the Louisville area on the night of Saturday, February 15. Only I-65 remained completely open. Dozens of accidents were reported including a 24 car pile up on I-64 at Ninth Street in downtown.

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet provides up-to-date information on road conditions throughout the commonwealth at www.511.ky.gov [Outside Link].

More information: Courier-Journal: Ice storm closes highways in city; accidents mount (Feb. 16, 2003) [Outside Link], Courier-Journal: Ice storm packs wintry punch (Feb. 17, 2003) [Outside Link]

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[Louie B. Nunn Cumberland Parkway] [Daniel Boone Parkway]
Tolls to be Removed from Louie B. Nunn Cumberland Parkway and Daniel Boone Parkway
Posted: 15-Feb-2003 7:19AM CST

U.S. Congressman Harold "Hal" Rogers has secured $13 million in federal spending to eliminate tolls from the Louie B. Nunn Cumberland Parkway and the Daniel Boone Parkway. The state currently owes $26 million in bonds on the parkway system. This federal funding will eliminate half of the outstanding debt and allow the state to refinance the rest at a lower interest rate.

More information: KYTC Press Release: Rogers: Tollbooths on Daniel Boone & Cumberland Parkways are Coming Down [Outside Link], Herald-Leader: Tolls to end on 2 parkways (Feb. 15, 2003) [Outside Link], Courier-Journal: Tolls to end on Daniel Boone, Cumberland parkways (Feb. 16, 2003) [Outside Link], Daily Independent: Toll charges to be eliminated on highways (Feb. 16, 2003) [Outside Link]

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[US 431]
January Procurement Bulletins
Posted: 15-Feb-2003 6:16AM CST

Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Division of Professional Services Procurement Bulletins for January include design for the relocation of US 431 in Logan County [Outside Link], design for relocating US 127 in Clinton County (1 [Outside Link], 2 [Outside Link], 3 [Outside Link]), and design for relocating KY 92 in McCreary County [Outside Link].

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[US 27]
US 27 Reconstruction in Garrard and Lincoln Counties
Posted: 15-Feb-2003 5:55AM CST

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet has released the US-27 Intermediate Planning Study [Outside Link] concerning the reconstruction of US 27 in Garrard and Lincoln Counties.

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I-64 Strategic Improvement Plan Released
Posted: 15-Feb-2003 5:53AM CST

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet has released the I-64 Strategic Improvement Plan [Outside Link]. The plan covers possible upgrades to the entire length of Interstate 64 through the state.

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New Northern Kentucky Outer Loop Newsletter
Posted: 15-Feb-2003 5:48AM CST

The KYTC has posted a new newsletter [Outside Link] concerning the construction of the Northern Kentucky Outer Loop.

Consideration of routes for the Northern Kentucky Outer Loop has been narrowed to a five to ten mile corridor stretching from the Markland Dam in Gallatin County to the Ohio River near Maysville. The road will not be part of I-74; however, it is being studied as part of an effort to extend I-74 eastward from Cincinnati.

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Bowling Green Beltline and I-66 Events
Posted: 15-Feb-2003 4:58AM CST

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet has narrowed the list of possible routes for Interstate 66 and the Bowling Green Outer Beltline. The public is being given the chance to review the list of possible routes in a series of public meetings in the greater Bowling Green area. The KYTC has posted maps and other information about the proposed routes here [Outside Link].

More information: Daily News: Public will get view of plans for two roads (Feb. 6, 2003) [Outside Link], Daily News: Revised I-66 routes unveiled (Feb. 12, 2003) [Outside Link], KYTC Planning Project: Proposed Interstate 66 & Bowling Green Outer Beltline [Outside Link]

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New Tourism Signs Successful
Posted: 15-Feb-2003 4:44AM CST

Research conducted by the University of Kentucky has determined that experimental tourism signs installed along I-65 in Southcentral Kentucky were successful in attracting tourists. The study concludes that expanding the program is warranted.

Brown signs showing the distance to several attractions in Warren County and Edmonson County were installed along I-65. Signs were also installed for the Kentucky Speedway on I-71 and for Patti's 1880's Settlement on I-24.

Before the sign program can be expanded, the signs must approved by the Federal Highway Administration.

More information: Daily News: Survey shows that tourism signs are successful (Feb. 3, 2003) [Outside Link], Daily News: All state sites would benefit from signs (Editorial, Feb. 4, 2003) [Outside Link]

Update June 1, 2004: These signs are officially known as "Post-Interchange Guide Signs." The Kentucky Transportation Center has produced this 41-page report on The Evaluation of Post-Interchange Guide Signs [Outside Link].

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[The Ohio River]
ODOT monitoring Ironton-Russell Bridge temperature
Posted: 15-Feb-2003 4:16AM CST

The Ohio Department of Transportation has been monitoring the temperature of the Ironton-Russell Bridge. The steel on the aging bridge becomes very brittle when it reaches low temperatures. If the temperature drops below minus 5 degrees Fahrenheit, ODOT will temporarily close the bridge.

More information: Daily Independent: ODOT monitoring Ironton - Russell Bridge temperature (Jan. 25, 2003) [Outside Link]

In related news, progress is being made on plans to replace the bridge. ODOT's plans for a new bridge have recently been approved by the Federal Highway Administration.

More information: The Herald-Dispatch: Impact study for new bridge completed (Jan. 27, 2003) [Outside Link]

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[The Ohio River]
KYTC Settlement with Whistle-Blower
Posted: 14-Feb-2003 8:44PM CST

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet reached a sealed settlement with Ron Gardner, a KYTC employee who alerted officials that inspectors were extorting bribes from contractors.

A judge opened the settlement in January at the request of the Courier-Journal. It was revealed that the KYTC paid Gardner $480,000 to settle the lawsuit.

More information: Daily Independent: Cabinet seals settlement with employee in whistle-blower case (Jan. 12, 2003) [Outside Link], Herald-Leader: Bridge-painting lawsuit sealed (Jan. 12, 2003) [Outside Link], Courier-Journal: State settled suit for $480,000 (Jan. 24, 2003) [Outside Link]

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[KY 234]
Trees Planted Along New Cemetery Road in Bowling Green
Posted: 14-Feb-2003 8:36PM CST

A former opponent to widening Cemetery Road in Bowling Green called the new road, Bowling Green's prettiest entry after trees were planted along the new road. The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet landscaped the widened highway, which includes a new interchange with I-65, so that it would fit in well with the neighborhood.

More information: Daily News: Trees planted along road expansion (Jan. 12, 2003) [Outside Link]

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