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October 2003

The items listed below are KentuckyRoads.com news items from October 2003. For the most recent updates see the KentuckyRoads.com home page.

[KY 1020]
Completion of 2nd Street Widening in Louisville Nears
Posted: 1-Oct-2003 2:19AM CDT

A project to widen four blocks of Second Street in downtown Louisville is scheduled to be completed on December 19. The project is currently three months behind schedule.

More information: Courier-Journal: Second Street project nears completion (Sept. 29, 2003) [Outside Link]

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[KY 67]
Final Section of the KY 67 Industrial Parkway Opens
Posted: 1-Oct-2003 2:14AM CDT

The section of the Northeastern Kentucky Industrial Parkway between KY 207 and US 23 at Wurtland opened on Thursday, Sept. 25. The two lane highway connecting I-64 to US 23 is intended to provide improved access to industrial development in Greenup County.

More information: Ashland Daily Independent: Industrial Parkway opens today (Sept. 25, 2003) [Outside Link], Ashland Daily Independent: 'It's a 50-year investment' (Sept. 26, 2003) [Outside Link]

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[I-71] [I-75]
Northern Kentucky Leaders Seek to Replace I-71/I-75 Brent Spence Bridge
Posted: 1-Oct-2003 2:12AM CDT

Leaders seek to replace the aging Brent Spence Bridge over the Ohio River. The eight-lane bridge which was built in 1963 and last remodeled in 1985, is one of 15 bridges nationwide described by the FHWA as functionally obsolete. A study is currently underway to determine how to best replace the bridge.

More information: Associated Press: N. Kentuckians seek new bridge to Cincinnati (Sept. 23, 2003) [Outside Link], Cincinnati.com: Special Report: Collision Course (Sept. 22, 2003) [Outside Link] (an analysis of the Brent Spence Bridge and proposals to replace it)

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[US 68]
Part of new Harrodsburg Road to Open
Posted: 1-Oct-2003 2:11AM CDT
Topics: [Fayette County] [US 68]

Traffic on US 68 Harrodsburg Road in southern Fayette County will soon be switched to two new lanes. The project is expected to be completed next year.

More information: Lexington Herald-Leader: Progress in widening Harrodsburg Road (Sept. 20, 2003) [Outside Link]

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[Commonwealth of Kentucky]
Kentucky Post Editorial Looks at Highway Renamings
Posted: 1-Oct-2003 2:07AM CDT
Topics: Topic listing supressed. [28 topics related to this item]

The last few months have seen the renaming of two parkways and the AA Highway. The Kentucky Post editorialized the situation: Kentucky Post: The name game (Sept. 17, 2003) [Outside Link]

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[Commonwealth of Kentucky]
Patton's Scandal One Year Later
Posted: 1-Oct-2003 2:05AM CDT

A September 17 article in the Courier-Journal looked back at the costs of Governor Patton's scandal: Courier-Journal: One year later, Patton scandal's costs assessed; Conner faces tougher fight than governor (Sept. 17, 2003) [Outside Link]

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New Signs on I-71 Misspell Pewee Valley
Posted: 1-Oct-2003 2:04AM CDT

As part of a project to replace signs along I-71 between Louisville and I-75, the transportation cabinet employees erected three signs misspelling "Pewee Valley" as "Peewee Valley." Local residents noticed and reported the error after installation. The transportation cabinet corrected the spelling on the signs.

More information: Courier-Journal: State is to correct spelling on Pewee Valley road signs (Sept. 11, 2003) [Outside Link] (includes a photograph of a sign with the misspelling)

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[Daniel Boone Parkway]
State Legislator Proposes Two Names for Hal Rogers Parkway; Patton Proposes Renaming US-25E to Honor Boone
Posted: 1-Oct-2003 2:03AM CDT

State Representative Brent Yonts has filed a resolution to place two names on the parkway connecting London and Hazard. Yonts proposes the parkway be officially known as both the Hal Rogers Parkway and the Daniel Boone Parkway. He hopes that the compromise proposal will please those wishing to keep Daniel Boone.s name on the parkway and still provide recognition for U.S. congressman Hal Rogers. Rep. Rogers helped secure federal money to remove tolls from the parkway; In May, Governor Paul Patton directed that the parkway be renamed as the Hal Rogers Parkway. Yonts. resolution cannot be voted on until the General Assembly convenes in January.

Meanwhile, Governor Patton proposed renaming US 25E between Corbin and Middlesboro to honor Daniel Boone. US 25E generally follows the route of Boone.s Wilderness Road. The road has been upgraded to four lanes over the pass 20 years.

More information: Courier-Journal: E. Kentucky parkway could get 2 names (Sept. 11, 2003) [Outside Link], Associated Press: Patton Makes Suggestion To Solve Parkway Uproar (Sept. 19, 2003) [Outside Link], Courier-Journal: Governor would name U.S.25E for Boone to defuse controversy (Sept. 20, 2003) [Outside Link]

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[Commonwealth of Kentucky]
KYTC Employees Receive Awards at AASHTO Conference
Posted: 1-Oct-2003 2:01AM CDT

Several transportation cabinet employees received awards at the 2003 conference of the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials: KYTC Press Release: Kentuckians Reap Awards at 2003 AASHTO Conference in Minneapolis (Sept. 10, 2003) [Outside Link]

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[New Route]
Public Opinion Mixed on New Oldham County Connector
Posted: 1-Oct-2003 2:00AM CDT

Dozens of people have submitted comments on a proposal to build a new connector to route from near the Gene Snyder Freeway in Jefferson County to Crestwood in Oldham County. The new route would be four lanes and is intended to provide improved access to Pewee Valley.

More information: Courier-Journal: Dozens comment on connector road (Sept. 9, 2003) [Outside Link], Oldham County Era: State seeking input on Old Henry bypass (Sept. 12, 2003) [Outside Link]

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[KY 9]
Northern Kentucky: KY 9 Widening in Newport; AA Highway/I-275 Connector
Posted: 1-Oct-2003 1:59AM CDT

Two studies are planned to determine routes for improved highways in Campbell County. A design study will begin this year to determine plans to widen KY 9 from Wilder into Newport. Another study has been funded to determine a route for a connector route between I-275 and the AA Highway. This new route would improve highway access to Northern Kentucky University.

More information: Kentucky Post: Officials hope to widen Ky. 9 (Sept. 6, 2003) [Outside Link] , Cincinatti Enquirer: Federal money routed to N.Ky. (Sept. 6, 2003) [Outside Link], Kentucky Post: Road Would Spark Tech Triangle (Sept. 6, 2003) [Outside Link]

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[The Ohio River]
FHWA Approves Routes for New Louisville Bridges
Posted: 1-Oct-2003 1:58AM CDT

The Federal Highway Administration issued a Record of Decision marking the approval of the Environmental Impact Study of the Louisville-Southern Indiana Bridge Project. This clears the way for final design and right-of-way acquisition.

Additionally, the U.S. Department of Transportation honored the transportation cabinet.s environmental stewardship in developing the bridge plans.

More information: Courier Journal: Couisville bridges project confirmed (Sept. 6, 2003) [Outside Link], Courier Journal: Bridges project clears U.S. review (Sept. 24, 2003) [Outside Link], KYTC Press Release: Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Recognized Nationally for Environmental Stewardship on Ohio River Bridges Project (Sept. 26, 2003) [Outside Link]

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[KY 2155]
Glover Cary Bridge to be Repainted Blue
Posted: 1-Oct-2003 1:57AM CDT

Owensboro residents chose to continue to use blue paint to paint the Glove Cary Bridge over the Ohio River. The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet now let locals select the color to paint bridges, and Owensboro residents chose to continue the at least 40 year old tradition of having the Blue Bridge in downtown.

More information: Owensboro Messenger-Inquirer: Bridge ballot blue is best (Sept. 5, 2003) [Outside Link]

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[US 60]
Towboat Captain Deemed Negligent in Spottsville Bridge Collision
Posted: 1-Oct-2003 1:55AM CDT

The U.S. Coast Guard has determined that the captain a towboat that collided with the Spottsville Bridge was negligent. The collision with the bridge carrying US 60 over the Green River occurred on May 29 and caused some structural damage. The bridge was closed until June 22 while repairs were made.

More information: Associated Press: Captain blamed in barge crash (Sept. 5, 2003) [Outside Link]

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[Commonwealth of Kentucky]
Upcoming Public Meetings
Posted: 1-Oct-2003 1:49AM CDT

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet has scheduled the following public meetings to discuss various road projects in Kentucky:

More information: Kentucky New Era (Hopkinsville): Public invited to view proposed U.S. 641 plans (Sept. 16, 2003) [Outside Link], Bowling Green Daily News: Interchange Meeting Set (Sept. 26, 2003) [Outside Link]

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[KY 55]
Heartland Parkway
Posted: 1-Oct-2003 1:48AM CDT

Materials from recent public meeting concerning the proposed Heartland Parkway have been posted on the transportation cabinet's web site. The proposed corridor will follow KY 55 and KY 555 from the Louie B. Nunn Cumberland Parkway to the Martha Layne Collins Blue Grass Parkway.

More information: KYTC Division of Planning: Heartland Parkway [Outside Link]

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[US 68]
Paris Pike Project Receives National Award
Posted: 1-Oct-2003 1:45AM CDT

The National Partnership for Highway Quality awarded its 2003 State Award to the team involved in the Paris Pike Reconstruction Project. Special care to preserve the character of the neighboring land was taken during the project to widen Paris Pike between Lexington and Paris.

More information: KYTC Press Release: Kentucky Highway Team Wins National Quality Award (Sept. 5, 2003) [Outside Link], Ohio Valley Roads: Paris Pike [Outside Link]

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