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February 2009

The items listed below are KentuckyRoads.com news items from February 2009. For the most recent updates see the KentuckyRoads.com home page.

[Commonwealth of Kentucky]
Cleanup from Recent Storms Continues
Posted: 19-Feb-2009 11:09PM CST

The state is still cleaning up from recent ice and wind storms.

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[Commonwealth of Kentucky]
Pink Pennants Proliferate; Public Ponders Purpose
Posted: 19-Feb-2009 10:52PM CST

From the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Dept. of Highways District 12:

Pink Flag
What's with those pink flags?
HIGHWAY DISTRICT 12 – February 17 2009 – The pink flags you’ve seen on the shoulders of highways throughout Eastern Kentucky have nothing to do with road work.
They are pin flags which mark search locations for possible petroleum and natural gas.
Dawson Geophysical Company is surveying data in 109 of Kentucky’s 120 counties. The process uses ATVs mounted with large pneumatic tires. The vehicles send high frequency vibrations into the ground, providing energy to create images of what lies underneath. In addition, geophone receivers are used to record data from other tracts of land within the survey. The technical name for what is being done is a vibroseis geophysical seismic survey.
Now you know.
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[Commonwealth of Kentucky]
Legislature May Block Gas Tax Drop
Posted: 19-Feb-2009 10:40PM CST

A 1980 law ties a portion of Kentucky's gasoline tax to the average wholesale price of gasoline in the state. That price has dropped in recent months, and the gasoline tax is scheduled to drop 4 cents/gallon on April 1st; however, the state legislature is considering amending the law to prevent this drop. It is estimated that tax decrease would result in $120 million decline in gasoline tax revenue.

More information: Lexington Herald-Leader: Gas tax cut looks unlikely (Feb. 19, 2009) [Outside Link], Louisville Courier-Journal: Lawmakers may block drop in gas tax (Feb. 19, 2009) [Outside Link]

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[Louisville - Jefferson County]
Public Meeting to Discuss Improvements to Louisville's West Market Street to be Held on Feb. 18
Posted: 12-Feb-2009 5:58PM CST

A public meeting next Wednesday, Feb 18th for the West Market Street Corridor Improvement Study. The meeting will be at Shawnee High School at 5:30pm.

More information: West Market Street Meeting Flier, Project Web Site [Outside Link]

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[US 42]
Ten Years of US 42 Scenic Highway
Posted: 12-Feb-2009 7:37AM CST
Topics: [Oldham County] [US 42]

The Courier Journal notes that it has been ten years since 14.7-mile stretch of U.S. 42 in Oldham County was designated one of Kentucky's Scenic Highways and Byways: Louisville Courier-Journal: This week in history (Feb. 9, 2009) [Outside Link]

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[I-71] [I-75]
Location, Tolls Problems for Brent Spence Bridge Replacement
Posted: 12-Feb-2009 7:33AM CST

The Associated Press has a brief story about how the questions of where and how to pay for a replacement for the Brent Spence Bridge still remain to be answered: Associated Press: Tolls, location problems in bridge planning (Feb. 9, 2009) [Outside Link]

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[New Route]
Public Meeting to Discuss Improvements to KY 44 near Mount Washington to be held Feb. 24
Posted: 12-Feb-2009 7:28AM CST

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet will hold a public meeting to discuss proposed improvements to KY 44 between US 31E and KY 1319 in Bullitt County. The meeting will be held from 5 p.m. until 7 p.m. on Feb. 24 at Bullitt East High School.

More information: Louisville Courier-Journal: Bullitt public meeting on Ky. 44 improvements is rescheduled (Feb. 9, 2009) [Outside Link]

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Delays Planned for I-69 Construction in Indiana
Posted: 12-Feb-2009 7:23AM CST

The Indiana Department of Transportation will delay construction of two I-69 interchanges in Southern Indiana: Associated Press: Delay planned for I-69 interchanges in S. Indiana (Feb. 10, 2009) [Outside Link]

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[Commonwealth of Kentucky]
Bid Rigging Charges Revised
Posted: 12-Feb-2009 7:15AM CST

Indictments against former Transportation Cabinet Secretary Bill Nighbert and highway contractor Leonard Lawson have been revised. The indictments stem from payments Lawson allegedly made to Nighbert and Dept. of Highways District 7 Chief Engineer Jim Rummage in order to receive confidential information regarding open highway construction bids.

More information: Louisville Courier-Journal: Highway bid-rig charges revised; Rejected indictment has been rephrased (Feb. 12, 2009) [Outside Link], Associated Press: 2 charges dismissed in bid-rigging case (Feb. 11, 2009 [Outside Link], Associated Press: New indictment issued in bid-rigging case (Feb. 11, 2009) [Outside Link]

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[KY 7]
Possible Delays on KY 7 in Perry County Today
Posted: 11-Feb-2009 8:29AM CST
Topics: [KY 7] [Perry County]

From KYTC Department of Highways District 10:

Contractors for the KY 7 construction project between Jeff and Viper in Perry County plan to do some blasting today. At this time, blasts are scheduled for around 10 a.m. and also around noon. Motorists should be prepared for possible long delays during these times, for blasting and removal of debris. These delays may last in excess of the typical 20 or so minutes usually required, especially if debris cleanup from the existing highway becomes necessary. Motorists should plan their travels along KY 7 accordingly.
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Sherman Minton (I-64) Bridge Closed Briefly after Barge Strike
Posted: 5-Feb-2009 10:49AM CST

The Sherman Minton Bridge which carries I-64 over the Ohio River west of downtown Louisville was closed for about three hours this morning after being struck by a barge. An inspection found that the bridge had only suffered superficial damage.

More information: Louisville Courier-Journal: Sherman Minton Bridge reopens; Strike by boat closed span for three hours; damage 'superficial' (Feb. 5, 2009) [Outside Link]

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